Elevate Mastermind Application
For Groups forming January 2018

The intention of this application process is to make sure that you and all members of your group are a good match.  

All of your answers are private and confidential.

ELEVATE is an intimate group of passionate entrepreneurs that meet twice a month to solve problems, evaluate opportunities, and work on an array of strategic and day to day issues. Members of the confidential group, support each other with advice, honest feedback, and accountability. Elevating each other and creating meaningful impacts in business and in life.

Only after you are approved and feel that it's right for you will you be asked to pay. Nothing is due right now. 

The total cost for a three-month session is $900
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If you don't hear from me within 24 hours, please reach out victor@victorjimenez.co

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{{answer_55964539}}, Can you share a little bit about what {{answer_55973441}} does? *

How many employees do you have? *

What are your biggest challenges that you are facing at {{answer_55973441}}?

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Overall, how satisfied are you with the way things are going and your place in the business? *

If you could fix one thing in your business today what would it be? *

If you could jump forward six months in the future. What would be different in your business? *

Just a few more questions.

What do you aspire to do through your business? *

{{answer_55964539}} What are your personal values. Don't over think this just check the ones that seem to fit. *

Almost done, Just two more questions.
Do you feel like you create enough "space" to work on your personal development? *

What kinds of things do you do? example: meditate, exercise, read etc.
Last question, What do you hope to get out of joining this group? *

{{answer_55964539}}Thanks for taking the time to fill out this form. The next step is to schedule a short call. I will personally reach out to you in the next few days to schedule a time.


PS: feel free to reach out directly to my on my personal cell 919 672 7066 (please text first to make sure that I am available.)

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